[OSGeo-Discuss] The Best API for accessing map/geospatial server

Brian Russo brian at beruna.org
Thu Oct 29 19:45:05 PDT 2009

Playing a bit of devil's advocate but (broadly speaking) if you want
your app to be interchangeable with different implementations of
(nontrivial) standards you always need to test interoperability anyway
because even in (unattainable) perfectly bug-free software there is
always some variance due to interpretation of the standard. In other
words, there is usually some ambiguity/grey area in the standards.

Not to knock on certification, but its not a silver bullet. Bottom
line is testing is needed if interoperability is a mission

On 10/29/09, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com> wrote:
>> i want to reverse,
>> which one of those map servers in the world have fully certified by
>> OGC for WMS implementation, so we know, all our apps that connect to
>> those geospatial server no need modification
> Certification costs money :-)  You also mentioned WMS again - and for
> your use case you need Web Feature Server.
> GeoServer is certified; MapServer works very well but had not been
> certified (perhaps OSGeo can arrange payment to be waived?).
>> i can change mapguide to mapserver to geoserver and vice versa
>> any idea all?
> I have worked well with MapGuide, MapServer and GeoServer (and deegree
> which you did not mention). You are encouraged to ask other users for
> their experience. I alway have trouble with MapServer WFS; due to
> configuration - not due to the application.
> Regards,
> Jody
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