[OSGeo-Discuss] Webinars on OS geo for local governments, schools and nonprofits?

Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Mon Feb 8 06:15:00 PST 2010

OSGeo colleagues,

I was recently contacted by Ann Deakin, a Geosciences faculty at the 
State University of New York - Fredonia campus. She is also on the board 
of directors of the NYS GIS Association and the chair of their education 
committee. She was asking me about the possibility of offering a webinar 
to their members (and anyone considering getting into GIS) on open 
source GIS.

This sounded like a really good idea to me, as a possible new (?) way of 
promoting OSGeo technologies.

I'm wondering if anyone has already done this kind of thing?
Would any of our "knowledge experts" out there be willing to do such a 
webinar? (If so, let me know in what area)
If we can get something like this designed, we could either do it first 
working with Ann and the NYS GIS Association, or perhaps try and scale 
the webinar up to a larger and more international crowd.

Reactions welcome!

Charlie Schweik
OSGeo education chair

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