[OSGeo-Discuss] Auto-cataloging of image files

Simon Cropper (Botanicus Australia Pty Ltd) scropper at botanicusaustralia.com.au
Wed Feb 10 16:02:11 PST 2010


First, sorry for cross-posting to anyone also on the gvSIG-International 

I just received a CD, and regularly receive CDs, with ~100 1km x 1km ECW 
Tiles as part of a contract. Does anyone know of a routine to scan these 
files or their associated header files and creates a shapefile showing 
the extent of each image?

I sort of imagine running the routine, being asked to specify the 
directory containing the image data then having a polygon layer appear 
with the extent of each tile. The attribute table would be populated 
with layer name, coordinates, and any other metadata that can be gleaned 
from the files.

Cheers Simon

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