[OSGeo-Discuss] Degree vs GeoTools API

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Thu Feb 11 14:52:14 PST 2010

thx for the nice reply .

i have work with our goverment spatial division, teaching java, and
they are 100% blank in development, this is a transformation program
from a division to create map become a services entity ->

i am also teaching highschool develop apps on Java, and we success
create web java programmer in architectural mode, and they will get
schoolarship to university, mostly they are poor and smart, and
several dont have computer, and several never visit Jakarta (they
families never visit Jakarta)..

my idea to help them to the level that they can provide solution.

Landon, ur reply sound that using Geotools API will harder for them?
is that right?

i am still working for both to find the best one

hope my reply can link our problem. we have human resource and bad
education program in this country, so may be our student different
with people outside this country


On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 1:52 AM, Landon Blake <lblake at ksninc.com> wrote:
> Frans,
> I will try to provide an intelligent answer to your question based on my
> own experience.
> Here is my observation of the main difference between Deegree and
> Geotools:
> Degree seems to be a more closely knit group of developers, coming from
> just a couple of organizations, while Geotools draws developers from all
> over the place.
> This has some different implications for users of the libraries and for
> developers.
> I find the Deegree API is often easier to use but not as well
> documented. The Geotools API is better documented but much more
> complicated. I think this extra complication in Geotools stems from its
> efforts to please such a diverse group.
> I have contributed a single "unsupported" module to Geotools. This
> process wasn't too burdensome, and I found a couple of the programmers
> in Geotools were a delight to work with. I also learned a lot from my
> very limited work on Geotools. I typically work on code that plugs into
> a single program, and participation in Geotools requires you to write
> code that can be used in all sorts of programs. You need a different
> type of thinking to do that.
> The programmers from Deegree were also very responsive on their mailing
> list.
> Deegree uses a feature model somewhat similar to JUMP's. I find the
> Geotools feature model is very hard to learn and work with.
> I hope that helps.
> Landon
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> hi all
> anyone can share the difference between Deegree vs GeoTools API
> thx
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