[OSGeo-Discuss] SAP & Maps

miblon moblin at dogodigi.net
Mon Feb 15 02:02:36 PST 2010

For a customer of ours, we created this construction:

The customer uses SAP with an integrated Bentley viewer. They also want 
to share their data through opengis services. This is our toolchain:

- SAP generates a csv and the customers GIS environment (Bentley based) 
generates a shapefile.
- These files are written daily to a shared directory on a centos server 
running geoserver and postgresql/postgis
- a cron job uses ogr to parse the shapefile and the csv into postgis 
and do a variety of checks
- the same cronjob then does some sql magic to parse the previously 
generated tables into tables that are used by geoserver
- geoserver exposes the result table(s) as wfs and wms

I don't know how SAP generates the csv, but I assume this is some Abap 
logic. Anyway, it is a construction that works and we retrieve the right 

Open GIS tools used:
- Postgis
- Geoserver

Kind regards,

Milo van der Linden

Mauricio Miranda wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Does anyone have experience getting data from SAP for mapping porpoise?
> I need to generate a layer with all the company customers and to show
> them in a map.
> Does anybody know about a middleware, tool, something that could help me
> with this?
> Thanks in advance.

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