RE: [OSGeo-Discuss] How to use DXF and GeoTools?

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Hello Landon,

We created a dxf datastore for geotools but didn't submitted it to the geotools project yet. Because it's not fully tested. Perhaps this is a good moment to submit it? If you ask the same question on the geotools list (bcc to me) i'll answer with a link to the source download. Perhaps it will be added to the geotools project then.


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This type of question would be better for  the Geotools user or developer mailing list:       


I don’t remember Geotools having  direct support for DXF. Perhaps one of the Geotools programmers can respond.  Otherwise, I would ask on the Geotools mailing list.    


I know that OpenJUMP has a couple of DXF  import plug-ins, so you could look at that source code. You might also check  out the open source Java library for DXF files named Kabeja:       


Kabeja doesn’t directly support  conversion of DXF entities to a simple feature representation, but this could  be done with some work. If you decide to use Kabeja to create simple GIS  features, please let me know. This is something I am interested in implementing  and we might be able to work together on a simple library. If Geotools doesn’t  already have something similar I would be willing to submit it for approval as  a module.    



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Hi folks!
  i've been completed my subscription few minutes ago in order to ask about DXF  and GeoTools.
  I would like to develop a GIS which gets DXF and manage this with differents  objects.
  I would like to use GeoTools, but I don't know how to load a DXF into a Java  Object.
  Is that possible with GeoTools? How can I do that?
  I'm grateful for some key or solution.

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