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Ok, let's do that. I just posted the src on the gt-users list....

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Roy Braam wrote:
  > Hello Landon,
  > We created a dxf datastore for geotools but didn't submitted it to the 
  > geotools project yet. Because it's not fully tested. Perhaps this is a 
  > good moment to submit it? If you ask the same question on the geotools 
  > list (bcc to me) i'll answer with a link to the source download. Perhaps 
  > it will be added to the geotools project then.
  in GeoTools we have this concept of unsupported modules, they are
  there so that people can work on them with a public svn and get other
  people interested in them.
  Of course to make the module supported it has to be covered with
  unit tests, but that is not a requirement for unsupported ones.
  Let's discuss this on the GeoTools-dev list? :-)
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