[OSGeo-Discuss] Looking for free hyperspectral data - help?

Streithorst, Kip KSTREITH at ball.com
Mon Feb 22 12:17:41 PST 2010

The Opticks project ( http://opticks.org/ ) has just released a new LGPL
extension ( http://opticks.org/confluence/x/kgI5 ) to perform Spectral
processing (HSI and MSI) or image spectroscopy.  However, we are in
desperate need of some freely available Hyperspectral imagery and
signatures for known materials. See
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperspectral_imaging for more details on
Hyperspectral. This will make it substantially easier to develop
help/tutorials for the new extension.  We are going to try and release
some of the currently closed Hyperspectral data we have access to, but
that will probably take quite a while.

I am currently aware of the following Hyperspectral imagery sources

AVIRIS - http://aviris.jpl.nasa.gov/html/data.html
Hyperion - http://eo1.usgs.gov/hyperion.php

And the following known signature sources:

USGS Digital Spectral Library -

I have also posted this message to the geodata mailing list as well.


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