IS EVERYONE HERE FAST ASLEEP? was: Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] OKF / OSGeo response to the consultation on opening Ordnance Survey data

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at
Fri Feb 26 10:25:57 PST 2010

+1 from me,

However, I caution that we should not use this email list to call for 
votes. We have close to 1000 people on this list, and if we have 100 
people respond to a proposal every week or two, we will make this list 
unusable as a communication medium.

If voting is required, I suggest setting up a wiki or using one of the 
drupal voting options that we have on the osgeo site or similar.

Schuyler Erle wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-02-22 at 16:26 +0100, Jo Walsh wrote:
>> dear all at OSGeo,
>> In sending this mail I'm following the protocol for letters of support 
>> coming from OSGeo:
>> As you may have heard, there's a public consultation running in the UK
>> on options for open licensing national mapping data maintained by
>> Ordnance Survey.
> Is everyone on this mailing list dead? Or asleep? How is it that no one
> has responded to this inquiry yet? Have we not, at least some of us,
> been agitating for the proposed outcome for years? Does this issue not,
> at least in principle, affect us all? Have you all forgotten that "your
> software is awesome, but it's useless -- without data"?
> I want to go on record as being 100% in favor of OSGeo providing a
> letter of support for this response to the OSGB consultation. The
> principle of Open Public Data is completely in harmony with the ideals
> and objectives of the OSGeo Foundation. This is a chance for us to see a
> change for the better in Ordnance Survey policy, a change that will
> serve as a signal example to other NMAs around the world.
> *Please* simply respond to the previous email with at least a +1 or a
> single word of support, if you'd like to see the OSGeo Board respond to
> this request in the affirmative. *Please*, for the love of God, don't
> let us as a community deserve to be ashamed of ourselves for our own
> ungenerous apathy. According to the Board's protocol for such things,
> you only have a few hours, so pipe up now, while you have the chance.
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