[OSGeo-Discuss] How to make a map on a CD

Christian Willmes c.willmes at uni-koeln.de
Wed Jun 30 23:18:39 PDT 2010

Hello Leith,

I did not used this software yet, so I do not know if it is good, but 
maybe Geopublisher would match your needs?

-> http://en.geopublishing.org/

 From the Website:
" The Geopublisher 1.4 
<http://en.geopublishing.org/Geopublisher> software allows the creation 
and publication of multimedia atlases. It has been developed for users 
like scientists, consultants and institutions that want to communicate 
their research results to the general public. The primary aim is to 
deliver a software that reduces the technical obstacles in publishing 
geo-data to a minimum. Your final product will be a user-friendly atlas 
which can easily be used by people who are not familiar with GIS 

best regards,

Leith Bade schrieb:
> Hi,
> I am new to GIS.
> I would like to make a vector map that can be burned onto a CD then 
> viewed just by running a program on it which copies the map data and a 
> simple viewer. The dataset is very large (all of New Zealand) so the 
> viewer needs to be effcient, and I have all the data in shapefiles.
> What would be the best way to do this?
> I see that MapWindow lets you build a custom viewer application around 
> its map viewer, but it would only work on Windows.
> Another idea I have is to make some sort of portable web server that 
> runs GeoServer or MapServer.
> Otherwise I could start developing my own custom map viewer that uses 
> OpenGL/Direct3D/Direct2D or something to make the render fast with 
> smooth scrolling etc.
> This would allow me to develop a data format that is faster for 
> rendering than shapefiles.
> Similar commercial products 
> are http://www.maptoaster.com/maptoaster-topo-nz/topographical.html or http://memory-map.com.au/products/maps/topo-nz-std.html
> Thanks,
> Leith Bade
> leith at leithalweapon.geek.nz <mailto:leith at leithalweapon.geek.nz>
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