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Bob Basques bob.b at gritechnologies.com
Thu Jul 1 19:56:48 PDT 2010

All, I did some related research on this last moth, trying different 
packages and ideas about hoe to create GeoPDF(a little easier) and 
3DPDFs(harder)  while both options for output are indeed open standards, 
there are only a select few tools to generate the output, and all the 
(good) ones I could find were commercial.

I've put aside the ideas for a while, but I'm still very interested in 
this type of processing, specifically the 3DPDF generation.   If any 
others here discover any tools related to U3D and/or 3DPDF generation, I 
would very much appreciate pointers.



On 7/1/2010 12:31 PM, Mike Toews wrote:
> On 1 July 2010 07:22, Arthur Molina<arthurmolina at yahoo.com.br>  wrote:
>> Isn't GeoPDF a proprietary and payed format?
> It is an open Standard. Both OGC 08-139r1 and ISO 32000. However, I've
> never seen it used outside of the Adobe/ESRI scope, so a better
> question is what OS software either support rendering or displaying
> GeoPDFs?
> Considering my impressions of the state of GeoPDF, I don't think it
> ins't the best option for distributing data on a CD. My suggestion is
> to store the vector data in SHP or Spatialite format, and have a
> desktop GIS on the same LiveCD. My vote is for Quantum GIS (QGIS)
> since it is the easiest to make a nice looking map that is also
> interactive.
> -Mike
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