[OSGeo-Discuss] Fwd: FWrools, OGR utilities, mif to shape conversion, ogr2ogr not recognizing mif file

cruiserad at comcast.net cruiserad at comcast.net
Mon Jul 19 10:35:33 PDT 2010

using FWtools command shell, attempting to convert mif/mid files, point geometry, WGS84 DD coordinate system to shapefile format.

using this comad string,
ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" 
mydata.shp mydata.mif

I get this error msg
error 6: data keyword not found in mydata.mif  file may be corrupt.

unable to open data source with the following drivers.
(list of drivers)

here's the mif headder,
Version 3
Delimiter ","
Coordsys Earth Projection 1,104
Columns 14
   Lon Decimal (11,6)
   Lat Decimal (10,6)
   Dep Decimal(7,1)
   Src_ID CHAR(8)
   Snd_datum CHAR(5)
   Eval Smallint
   Class CHAR(1)
   Adj CHAR(1)
   Surv CHAR(1)
   Trk CHAR(1)
   WG84 CHAR(1)
   Updated DATE
   Point_Type CHAR(1)
   Point  -113.793621   20.506910
     SYMBOL (49,16711680,6)

these mif/mid are the output of another conversion program

any help appreciated

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