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Geoff Hay geoffrey.hay at otago.ac.nz
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Hi Noli,
I am working full-time on the UO OSCAR software and am working towards making it available this year - its really a PhD reserach project. The original OSCAR prototype developed as part of the FAO project was built on top of UDig as a set of plug-ins - and these will eventually be rebuilt.  The prototype was really just a proof of concept and screen shots are available in a couple of the reports/papers but not very interesting - see FIG. I have spent a lot of time since then working with OWL, Jena, and Pellet and happy to say that part is mostly complete. Currently I am working on web services for OSCAR and integration with WMS/WFS/GeoServer - since OSCAR does not use a database (for thematic data) this aspect is a little less straigh forward since these things tend to require 'up front' schemas.  I do apologise for the out of date web site and the other delays but it's just me and my supervisors at the moment and funding is an issue. I will of course post to this list as things progress and am happy to answer questions.

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I am googling on the topic in GIS / mobile GIS for farming, forestry,
forest management and forestry carbon applications

I found out that  Refractions did a UN FAO Mobile GIS System for
Agriculture Monitoring.

Mobile GIS System for Agriculture Monitoring – United Nations Food and
Agriculture Organization

There is no screenshot of the software and no proper web link to the
actual project which you can download the software.  It is just
www.fao.org. is this LGPL project?

UN FAO probably sponsored some FOSS projects.

I know that FAO sponsored the VB bindings for GDAL but I never saw the
FAO project that uses this VB bindings - the actual FAO software /

OSCAR is also sponsored by FAO.

Geoff, could we see a screenshot of OSCAR.

I hope we can download OSCAR soon.

Now, do you know any other UN FAO sponsored FOSS / Geo projects?


Regards, Noli
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