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Robert Hollingsworth reh2 at prodigy.net
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just for USA: US Census TIGER shpfiles, organized by state, "*_place" has outline polygon, name, state name, some classifiers.
also just for USA: USGS' GNIS dataset has lat, long, name, state name, county name, type classifier -- for cities, towns and a whole lot of other stuff.


A free list is available on http://world-gazetteer.com and you can start
out with this. Well, it is not an exhaustive list, but gives the large
cities and towns (around 700+). I personally have a list of 4000+ cities
and towns for Asia and will share it, if need (this might need some
cleaning up though)

In addition to the city point list, it might be great if we pool resources
to draw in the city (urban agglomeration) boundaries and not
administrative boundaries (these are available upto level 3 or 4)

- Rajan

On Fri, March 5, 2010 11:01 pm, António Rocha wrote:
> Greetings
> I'm doing a small tool to calculate distances between cities. I mean, I
> enter City of origin geographic position and city of destination
> geographic
> position and I calculate distances. The thing is, everytime I have to
> check
> at GOOGLE Earth a city position and it's getting to be a long a heavy task
> to do.
> I realized that, this guys
> http://www.assemblysys.com/dataservices/db_details.php?db=3 are
> distributing
> a database with cities geographic positions but this is PAID :( . What I
> wanted to know is if there is any tool/software/database free, open source
> where I can do exacly the same without having to pay for that. And even,
> maybe add a few cities positions and contribute to the project
> Thank you
> Toze
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