[OSGeo-Discuss] AOSI's Official Statement about IIPA - help to distributed.

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Thu Mar 18 01:13:43 PDT 2010

hi all

AOSI (asosiasi opensource indonesia) is our local association of
opensource in Indonesia, where is our umbrella for anyone related to
services, support, product and entities related to opensource, smiliar
with OSFA in USA.

and we know that IIPA submit a letter to USTR about Indonesia and
several country to create 301, which will effect to our trade and

and our goverment work togeter with us, to respect the IPR by adopting
OpenSource if the goverment or institution dont have money to buy
license, but we know IIPA is a big lobby in USA, where i hear about
BSA, Sony, BMG are the member

may be u can help to distribute and we are open for work together to
promote opensource, and we know that using opensource is legal.

this is the URL of the official statement of AOSI about IIPA, where i
am stand in enterprise opensource chief


hope all of u can distribute to the people that can help us here, that
is strange we use opensource to respect IPR, but we still in ilegal

aosi website is http://www.aosi.or.id

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