[OSGeo-Discuss] Generalizing complex 3D vector polygon data

Judit Mays mays at lat-lon.de
Wed Mar 24 01:52:25 PDT 2010


in deegree3 tools, there is a class
which creates a convex hull of the 2D-Projection (ground level) of the
original, and creates 'vertical' walls on this convex hull, it is not a
real simplification though.

If this might be of interest to you please ask further questions
regarding this tool on the deegree-users list:

Kind regards,

Alexandre Leroux schrieb:
> Dear list,
> Here's my challenge. I have 3D buildings originally in the AutoCAD
> format which are composed of hundreds of 2D polygons in 3D space.
> Is there any tool that can "generalize" 3D data?
> I found that GRASS GIS offers line generalization:
> http://grass.itc.it/gdp/html_grass64/v.generalize.html
> but found nothing regarding 3D generalization.
> My feeling is that 'GIS technology' is just not there yet. There's just
> no implemented algorithms to generalize complex 3D to less complex 3D
> data. Am I right?
> Since my team is heavily using FOSS4G, we're looking for a solution (if
> any) that would ideally be 100% FOSS4G.
> Thanks for any feedback,
> Alex

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