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Johannes Bolz johannes-bolz at gmx.net
Sun Mar 28 14:11:34 PDT 2010

Dear fellow subscribers,

I am a student of Geoinformation from Berlin, Germany. Currently, I am 
looking for a student position / work experience internship in the 
fields of GIS or location based services development. My preferred 
locations are New Zealand, Australia or Canada, but I could basically 
imagine to work anywhere. The internship should take at least twelve 
weeks and start around June. I am working in relevant jobs alongside my 
studies, so I already have some work experience and insight in 
development workflows. I will only be able to accept a paid internship 
enabling me to cover at least the basic cost of living, or alternatively 
a position with accomodation provided.

If you know a company or organization that may be interested in 
employing a dedicated, hard working intern, please let me know. I'll 
appreciate any information. I have attached my CV for further information.

Kind regards,
Johannes Bolz

P.S.: I have been posting this at multiple boards, so please excuse the 
possible double-read.

Johannes Bolz
Sonnenallee 40
12045 Berlin
Phone:  +49 30 69205670
Mobile: +49 162 1838910
Skype   johannes-bolz
mailto:johannes-bolz at gmx.net

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