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Ravi ravivundavalli at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 3 06:41:16 PDT 2010

Dear All,
it is time to vote for new charter members again. Charter members are the decision buildersĀ  of OSGeo.

Here I am putting forward some very worthy cases. 

Praveen Kumar Sinha:
Is a sincere worker who has mastered the art of Making Training notes for Geologists,
using FOSS4G tools. But for him FOSS4G Tools could not have penetrated Geological Survey of India (G.S.I), and empowered every geologist to feel the power of GSI on his desktop. He actually unshackled the power of Datbase GIS, demonstrating how a spatial database can be used with the available resources.

Santosh Gaikwad:
He is an environmentalist, who contributed to capacity building with FOSS4G tools using simple solutions for web-gis with translation to Indian
 languages. His dedicated work in various topics of environmental representation/conservation using FOSS4G tools is exemplary.

Uttam Kumar:
He is one of the pioneers, in building code in the Indian context, for usage of Indian satellite data. His publications of usage of FOSS4G tools for raster GIS and Image analysis will inspire workers for a long time. 

Harish Karnatak:
He represents the very initiative of FOSS4G tools in Indian space organisations. The web pages initiated and web applications, using FOSS4G tools stand apart from similar initiatives done otherwise.

Indian GIS scene:
India needs FOSS4G tools for reasons unique, as I have been blogging 

These four names represent 'the tip of', a wave of, 'FOSS4G Tools' talent in India.
Please vote for them.

This is the Indian season for the 'Festival of Lights',
 known as Deepavali,
and may this OSGeo Charter member election, fill OSGeo with new light.

Ravi Kumar

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