[OSGeo-Discuss] Using DigitizePoint(handler) Errors

Chao Wang wang45 at usc.edu
Wed Nov 3 20:25:46 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I want to use DigitizePoint(handler) to fetch the point I clicked on the
map. However, I cannot get the right results. I attach my code here, can you
help check the codes and tell about the mistakes in using. Did I use the
wrong structure of handler in DigitizePoint(handler);
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
           function Point(x,y) {
             this.x = x;
             this.y = y;
           var p=new Point(0,0)
           function getPoint() {
             opener.top.showMap.mapFrame.DigitizePoint(p); //the structure
of frames is right, which means the DigitizePoint function can be reached.
The expected out put of p.x and p.y would be the coordinates as the piont I
clicked, but right now it shows original value(0,0).
When I click the mouse on the map, it shows an error that "digihandler is
not a function", comes from the file of
mapguide2010/mapviewernet/mapframe.aspx. And the codes contains the error
function OnShapeDigitized(shape)
       digitizing = false;
       if(digihandler != null)
           digihandler = null;

Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks.

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