[OSGeo-Discuss] offline maps

carlos sousa springaleek at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 03:58:49 PST 2010

Hello OSGEO enthusiasts

I would like to create, starting from the point where hard disk space
is not a problem, a repository of raster maps that can be accessible
offline, when for exemple, we have to go to the field and do
georeference tagging and mapping.
When in the field, there is no broadband internet or it's limited to
2.5G communication which is very slow, even for the best OGC server
So, the ideia is to have a repository of maps, like the terrain maps
offered online by google, for exemple, but I dont like the ideia of
using the cache of google earth since all my work is done with QGIS
and Geoserver.
I know of some programs that are trial based that can do this but the
images dont have any type of projection information with them.
I end up with a bunch of images that cant be layed out on my current
projection system.
Is there a way of doing some kind of work with qgis in order to get
this done correctly?

Thanks for any kind of help.

Carlos Sousa

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