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Kalyan Janakiraman Kalyan.Janakiraman at lpma.nsw.gov.au
Thu Nov 25 21:08:03 PST 2010

Hi Horst,

It looks nice and appreciate.

Version control must be integral part of a geospatial data transacton management and so this is a good effort.

Some more details need to be added to the conflict resolutions at the time of posting --  When a conflict is encountered, conflict presented to the user for resolution. At this stage, will all the individual transactions that make up the version be rolled back as well?

Cheers - kalyan

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Some times ago the upper subject was discussed on the osgeo.org list.
Now I'm able to announce the first release of the pgvs system I
developed in the last few month. The aim of pgvs is to offer an option
to edit PostGIS layers with CVS, SVN or GIT like support for
concurrencing editing of geodata stored in a PostGIS Database.
Additionally I've developed a QGIS plugin to support your work with pgvs
in conjunction with QGIS.

For further information have a look at:



Horst Düster
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