[OSGeo-Discuss] Usage of 'FOSS4G' in webpages?

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at osgeo.org
Fri Oct 15 04:36:28 PDT 2010

On 15 October 2010 13:09, Just van den Broecke <just at justobjects.nl> wrote:
> Yes, IMO we need a term for the specific subdomain of FOSS we are all
> involved in. I started using "FOSS4G" in presentations and with customers
> lately as I understood (after consulting, I think with Arnulf) that would
> cover it. The term "GFOSS" I see used sparingly (and there is also a "GFOSS
> Conference" http://antonakoglou.com/2010/05/16/gfoss-conference-2010).
> I really would like to see a single acronym (so my family & friends can
> Google on what I am working in :-)). FOSS4G/GFOSS/GeoFOSS/GOSS are
> candidates. Something with "GIS" (have seen OSGIS, FOSSGIS, OpenGIS) seems
> to be indicating "privative" (closed) software but is understood by a wider
> audience. (As is Open Source over FOSS but that was already a heated
> debate..).
> Suggestion: have a poll and settle on an acronym and spread it ?
> best,
> --Just

I've been using FOSS4G as "FOSS for geospatial" for years and never
had to explain "this has nothing to be with the great conference".

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
Ingeniero en Geodesia y Cartografía

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