[OSGeo-Discuss] Japan chapter receives “Japanese OSS Encouragement Award” by IPA

Toru Mori(森亮) moritoru at orkney.co.jp
Fri Oct 15 08:09:42 PDT 2010

Hi OSGeo community,

Today IPA (IT promotion agency Japan), a government agency, announced that OSGeo Japan Chapter will be awarded “Japanese OSS Encouragement Award” prize on 28th October 2010.
I , as representative of the chapter, am very pleased and honored to receive the prize!

The Japan chapter was established in late 2006 and the local community has been growing steadily and dedicating effort to promoting FOSS4G.
Please join our local conference, FOSS4G 2010 Tokyo/Osaka, held in this November to celebrate it with us over bottles of beer!

-- Press release by IPA (in Japanese) --

-- About the award --
IPA grants “Japanese OSS Contributor Award” to a developer who has established and has been managing the development project which has the influence, to a superior developer who takes an active role in the global projects and to a contributor to spread the OSS. Also IPA grants “Japanese OSS Encouragement Award” to the individual or the group which has a remarkable activity to develop and/or spread OSS.

-- About IPA --

Toru Mori
Yokohama Japan

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