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Thanks to the few of you who had comments.  

Really, none of the rest of you want to brag about or promote your OSGEO project?!

Come on, any new features, optimizations, data formats, case studies, etc.?


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I am working on a presentation focused on, "What's New and Cool in OpenSource Geospatial" for a group of GIS professionals.  This group is most familiar with the proprietary ESRI stack, but there is a growing awareness and interest in OpenSource.  

My goal is to introduce people to cool projects or features, highlighting events and improvements from the past year.  I am thinking of categories including software, databases, community, and open data.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas that people have on new or noteworthy developments in OpenSource geospatial.  Think about new projects, new features, optimizations, events, use cases, etc.

Please feel free to email me off-list or just respond to this message.

Thank you very much,

David Fawcett 
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