[OSGeo-Discuss] Commercial support (Company profile improvement options)

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri Sep 3 11:31:06 PDT 2010

That is indeed tricky. Since support includes both community and paid
but support is the more likely term used in searching we might need to
rethink the navigation strategy to have a page specific to "Support that
mentions both and links to the service providers and the other forms of


On 09/03/2010 11:12 AM, Bob Basques wrote:
>  All,
> Oops . . .
> Oh, dopey me, I searched for "Support", when I should have searched for
> "Service" on the front page.
> disregard previous.
> bobb
> On 9/3/2010 1:02 PM, Bob Basques wrote:
>>  Frank,
>> But the existing system doesn't get to the questions I've seen in this
>> thread, namely, about searching for companies with mixed capabilities
>> (open and proprietary) experience.  I also see it as expanding on
>> what's there already, not overly complicating it.
>> bobb
>> On 9/3/2010 11:59 AM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>>> Bob Basques wrote:
>>>>   All,
>>>> I know this has to be created and managed somehow, but here are some
>>>> ideas on this:
>>>>     * Could there be some way of collecting business information
>>>> related
>>>>       to not only OpenSource software but also a means for companies to
>>>>       describe themselves in their own words, even as it pertains to
>>>>       non-open products, as these are often a concern when bidding on
>>>>       projects.
>>>>     * A simple one pager type of thing, listing software (open and
>>>>       proprietary, possibly with the Open source stuff highlighted and
>>>>       linked) and a general company resume, maybe even including a link
>>>>       section for past projects.
>>>>     * Inclusion of the prospective company logo on the profile page.
>>>>     * A list of company partners.
>>>>     * It would be real nice as a company owner for example, to be able
>>>>       to link directly to a OSGEO "support" registry page.   I think a
>>>>       system like this would keep things updated regularly.  I keep
>>>>       forgetting the entry is even in there for my interests because I
>>>>       don't touch it enough.
>>> Bob,
>>> I really think those who register as service providers should just
>>> make an effort to provide the above details as they see fit on a
>>> landing page on their own web site.  It feels like you are trying to
>>> overcomplicate what is actually kept track of in the registry.
>>> Best regards,

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