[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: Support of 4D (time based) data sets

andrea antonello andrea.antonello at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 04:23:59 PDT 2010

>> What do you mean exactly by "deal". You are asking if there is an
>> aggregation mechanism in the viewer?
> Example:
> normally you would have a nc file which has an array for each motnh from year
> 1980-2010.
> What if I manipulate that data in order to claculate the average for each month
> (jan-dec) for 1980-2010. I would get 12 data fields which are to display.

So you do the manipulation of the netcdf and create the new fields
with the aggregated data, right?
You are then able to view them in any case. If they are scalar from
the non-gridded view the value is shown on selection. If it is a
vector of aggregated data and has an axis assigned, then it is

That is if got your question right,

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