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Doug_Newcomb at fws.gov Doug_Newcomb at fws.gov
Fri Sep 10 07:36:51 PDT 2010

        I'm a bit confused.  Do you want to run a desktop gis through a 
web interface, or be able to perform some  GIS functions similar to a 
desktop gis through a web interface ? 

         It sounds like you want to be able to run a specific GIS software 
remotely as a thin client, but though a web interface.   I believe that 
you can accomplish remote access via Citrix  through a web interface.  The 
upcoming NX 4.0 software should also offer this web based thin client 

        You can thin client into windows computers via rdesktop ( 
available on most linux distributions) or via the NX client, 
http://www.nomachine.com/documents.php.  You can also set up one of the 
various flavors of VNC services on windows or linux.  you can alos set up 
NXserver on linux and access it from Windows, Mac, or Linux. ( Supposedly 
there is a version of nxserver for windows in the works) .  If you are 
going linux to linux, you can use ssh with X forwarding on and have the 
program execute remotely but display locally.

        If you want to make a web interface look and act like a desktop 
gis with access to all of the commands in say, GRASS, then I think you've 
got a fair bit of web programming ahead of you.


Doug Newcomb 
Raleigh, NC
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Interior.   Life is too short for undocumented, proprietary data formats.

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[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: Best GIS with below listed requirements

Thanks a lot Doug,
But will it help Desktop GIS to act as a web based GIS?
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