[OSGeo-Discuss] FOSS4G2010: Good, Bad and the Ugly

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Thu Sep 16 07:29:00 PDT 2010

On 2010/09/16 22:45, Dave Patton wrote:
> Build some flexibility into the registration process.
> For those who do early bird registration, have a single
> option where they make a choice whether or not they
> want 'the OSGeo swag'. That could be a t-shirt + bag
> + LiveCD + button + etc. Have a single reasonable price.
> Once early bird registration ends you know just how
> much swag to produce for 'the early birds', so you only
> have to guess at the rest of the numbers. It lessens the
> risk for this one cost item, and allows some of the
> attendees to 'opt out'.


Also Build the Swag+Gala Dinner into what is called "Full (Early)


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