[OSGeo-Discuss] Geopaparazzi released

Dan Putler dan.putler at sauder.ubc.ca
Sun Sep 26 20:59:45 PDT 2010

I'm more than a bit unclear as to what Alex is alluding to. Is it the 
logo for the project, which seems to be a hybrid between a compass rose 
and a transmitting tower (a natural combination given the project), or 
is it the compass rose within a circle shown in this image of the OSM 
menu: http://wiki.geopaparazzi.googlecode.com/hg/images/osm_menu1.png

If it is the project logo that is the concern, I'm really perplexed. The 
compass roses shown in the image of the OSM menu screen are closer (but 
not very close). Yes they are compass roses in a circle, but it is not 
the same compass rose in a circle as the OSGeo logo (for a starter, it 
is an eight point, not a four point compass rose). Moreover, graphics of 
a compass rose within in circle (many used in company logos) are _very_ 
common (a Google image search on "compass rose" will reveal this). 
Moreover, the two most natural logo elements for a geospatial project 
are the earth and a compass rose. Given that the ESRI logo involves an 
image of the earth, does this mean that PostGIS needs to remove the 
earth part of the earth balanced at the end of the elephants trunk (to 
say nothing of the GDAL/OGR logo)? Moreover, isn't the elephant the logo 
of the PostgreSQL project and the symbol of the US Republican Party, so 
shouldn't the PostGIS project's logo also shed the elephant as well? 
Somehow, I just don't think so.

Yes logos and other visual identity media need to be protected, however, 
the graphics used by the geopaparazzi project just don't fall into that 
category in my opinion.


Hi Alex,
>> One minor comment looking at the screenshots of the app on your website.
>> It looks like you are using the OSGeo logo as the compass in your app.
>> While the nod towards OSGeo is appreciated I think it's an inappropriate
>> use of the logo (Copyright and possibly trademark infringement). So I
>> kindly advise the design of another compass for the app.
> if what you say is right, then it is more than just a minor comment,
> for which I thank for.
> To be honest I was finding it nice to use it for that purpose and
> didn't think it would be a copyright problem if, as I did in the about
> page, it would be mentioned that the compass is the logo of the Osgeo
> Foundation. To be honest, I am quite sad that I can't use the graphic
> of the community I am part of, but for sure I will change that for
> some other graphic ASAP.
> I apologize for the inconvenience,
> Andrea
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
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