[OSGeo-Discuss] Do we want OSGeo-Live on a USB or DVD at FOSS4G?

Oscar Fonts oscar.fonts at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 02:05:33 PDT 2011

>> In Barcelona, we were unsure whether the USB [...]
> I think cost would have been the main barrier anyway.  My rough checks have showed USB alternatives to hold 2-4GB is at least 10-20x cost of DVD.  (say $25 vs $2)

If you manage to squeeze OSGeo Live in less than 4GB, last year's
dealer is announcing 4GB USB unit at 4.50 EUR [1].
Extras (logo printing + data writing + metallic case + transport) was
about + 3.70 EUR/unit (for a 200 units purchase).
Total, about 11.5 USD -- probably less ordering more quantity.

USB boots & runs very fast, is writable (so you can save, for
instance, your l10n settings or workshop outcomes), and will end up
being a nice, long lasting souvenir / merchandising piece.


[1] http://www.memoriasusb.com/productos/241/Twister-resumen.html

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