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Gérald Fenoy gerald.fenoy at
Wed Aug 10 16:04:06 PDT 2011

Dear all,
Sorry for so late reply get some painful "hollidays issue" ... 

First, I want to thank Jeff for this nomination to OSGeo board of directors.

Working for 7 years in web GIS development, OSGeo shown me the way to go. Indeed, I've always find, through OSGeo, an answer to my questions. Sometimes it was about searching for a solution to a specific problem, sometimes it was about the way to use specific software, sometimes it was about problem occuring using software. Anytime I had to ask, I can find quickly a solution by asking people from OSGeo all over the world using various kind of communication media. There is always somebody wake up at OSGeo, you can reach us. This is an impressive help for everybody which is using the software or just want to know about software solution for the problem they face off. 

In 2006 I got the chance to join the event where most of the people involved from all over the world in Free and Open Source Software four GIS was present. Then, I always join the event thinking that it is key event to learn about GIS innovative solutions and meet people which make this solutions possible.

OSGeo is spreading knowledge by providing more and more hight quality material to learn on your own how to use solutions. You came to OSGeo with questions and you find your answer but also more questions with answers... new ideas.
As OSGeo help me so much by providing solutions and materials, it sounds obvious to me to promote it everywhere I go. Promotion, including translation, training sessions, workshops, talks or simple discussion. I think that even if it is good to put a bottle containing a message in the water, it is also needed to go there with your bottle to give and discuss what you wrote on the paper.

Sincerly yours,

Gérald Fenoy
gerald.fenoy at

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