[OSGeo-Discuss] 30m SRTM worldwide?

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 01:48:00 PDT 2011

I got this news recently, from this website, one can download ~30m SRTM data:

"The X-band SRTM DEM data are provided in DTED format. Detailed
information on the DTED format
can be found in the document 'Product Description of the SRTM
DTED-Format' (SRTM/PD-03/11/03)
available at http://www.dlr.de/srtm/docs/SRTM-XSAR-DEM-DTED-1.1.pdf.

The DEM and HEM data are in geographic (Lat/Long) projection, datum
WGS84. The elevation values
are also WGS84, as specified in the product description of the SRTM

The DEMs inside the compressed archive are distributed as individual
files, i.e. they are not
mosaicked into one large DEM file. Each DEM covers an area of 15' by
15'. The filename of the
individual DEM file specifies the bottom left coordinate of the
corresponding 15' by 15' DEM tile.

One pixel of the DEM files corresponds to approximately 25 m x 25 m on
the ground. The elevation
values are provided at a resolution of 1 m. The horizontal accuracy of
the SRTM X-band DEMs is ±20
m (abs.) / ±15 m (rel.), both 90% CE. The vertical accuracy is ±16 m
(abs.) / ±6 m (rel.), both 90% LE.
Precise information on vertical and horizontal accuracies for
individual tiles can be found in the
accuracy description record (ACC) of the DTED file. "

I tried to access the public portal, but I just got the "Loading java
virtual machine" message.
Anyone here, who can access the data and is it really available to the public?

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