[OSGeo-Discuss] LSI Viewer - Online Shapefile Viewer

K S Rajan rajan at iiit.ac.in
Sat Aug 27 23:44:31 PDT 2011

We would like to announce the development of LSI Viewer (Libre Spatial Information Viewer)- a n Online tool to visualize one's own GIS data including Map Styling . 
The link is http://lsi.iiit.ac.in/lsi/lsiviewer/ 

It is primarily targeted at users who may not have access to a suite of GIS software tools (desktop tools mainly) but would like to just view/display and print/export the data they have. 
In this first release, it can be used as a Map Viewer for Shapefile (.shp) format data only. Other data formats are planned to be supported in later releases. 

Some of you may have accessed our earlier beta release called the Online Shapefile Viewer, which is now part of this. 

We welcome comments and suggestions on this work. 
- Rajan 

K S Rajan, Ph.D.
International Institute of Information Technology
Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032, Andhra Pradesh, India
E-mail: rajan at iiit.ac.in

GeoLocation: 17.4454 N, 78.3503 E 
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