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Still some openings for the FOSS4G workshops. 

Your's truely, Jim Klassen and Dan Little are putting on a GeoMoose workshop on Monday that still has some openings. 

Some trivia about GeoMoose . . . 

GeoMoose is an odd dog when it comes to showing it's potential.  Most of the trick stuff is behind the scenes.  One of it's major strengths is the ease with which external services can be integrated into it.  GeoMoose uses a XML file called a MAPBOOK, to describe it's user interface, user extensions and tools.  This MAPBOOK is easily added to by an administrator and can even be created from scratch by and end user. 

A typical user tool, or service add-in, might look like: 

<service title="Mailing Labels - Addresses" default="true" display="window" icon="shared/images/toolbar/mailing_label.jpg" highlight="shared/images/toolbar/mailing_label_selected.jpg">  
     <input type="hidden" name="usestamp" value="true"></input>
     <input type="user" name="name" title="Generic Name:" value="Resident" notes="Leave blank to use STAMP name"></input>
     <input type="area" name="shape_id" title="Selection Area:" value="" shape="polygon"></input>
     <input type="select" name="output" title="Output Format">
          <option value="application/pdf">PDF Labels (Avery 5351)</option>
          <option value="application/pdf%3b form=5161">PDF Labels (Avery 5161)</option>
          <option value="application/vnd.ms-excel">Excel</option>
          <option value="text/xml">XML</option>
          <option value="text/plain">Plain Text</option>

GeoMoose acts as a configuration and indexing tool for Geospatial and related data and services.  The Front end doesn't look that different from many of the other mapping packages out there.  It's more about what is going on behind the scenes with administration and maintenance aspects of the data, Each layer in GeoMoose is configured to run on it's own.  This allows an administrator the option of allowing a data owner or steward, the option of updating their data behind the scenes without impacting the whole of the GeoMoose instance.  The data owner has complete control over their publishing frequency as well as what the mapping cartography will look like in the GeoMoose interface.  They can even have multiple versions of each for the same data. By combining many such standalone services and tools together, GeoMoose allows a very high level of publishing freedom for the data owners and administrators.

Sign up for the GeoMoose Workshop and let us show you what you can build.

More GeoMoose Trivia as we close on FOSS4G.


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