[OSGeo-Discuss] Yikes, we have the fifth OSGeo Anniversary TOMORROW!

Seven (aka Arnulf) seven at arnulf.us
Thu Feb 3 01:32:14 PST 2011

I added another agenda item which I believe is really important. Thanks 
for Tyler and Jorge to remind us! We have an anniversary tomorrow. Five 
years ago OSGeo was born in it's current incarnation. Since then we have 
served the vision of promoting and supporting Free and Open Source 
Software for Geospatial.

We should at least have a birthday cake on our website and wiki, ten 
blog articles, a news item and a few dozen tweets. Hopefully we can all 
throw in a few cents to make this an event. OSGeo deserves it.

Join the party?

Local Chaps,
this is a great opportunity to have a news item and maybe some thoughts 
of your own role in your local chapter lists and web sites too.

Best regards,

Sorry for almost forgetting this but I would forget my own birthday if 
folks wouldn't remind me to have a party each year. So we should make 
this a recurring event.

Exploring Space, Time and Mind

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