[OSGeo-Discuss] Montreal OSGeo Code Sprint: March 15-18, 2011

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Feb 10 07:23:43 PST 2011

Hi OSGeo Devs,

This is a reminder that the Montreal Code Sprint will be taking place on 
March 15-18, 2011. We've already got a good number of participants and 
there is still room for more.

If you plan on participating then please, please, please add your name 
to the list in the wiki to help us with the planning:


You'll also find in the wiki all information about the venue and the 
hotel, including our group rate. I'd encourage you to book your hotel 
room ASAP to reduce the chances of having to stay in a different hotel 
from the rest of the group.

You are also invited to join the "tosprint" list to receive the latest 


Finally, we're also seeking sponsors (750$ each) to support food and fun 
for the sprinters as they work hard and play hard for four productive 
days. If you are interested in supporting this event then please contact 
me off-list.

Thank you to our first round of sponsors:

- LizardTech - http://www.lizardtech.com/
- Azavea - http://www.azavea.com/
- qPublic - http://qpublic.net/
- Farallon Geographics - http://fargeo.com/

Daniel Morissette

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