[OSGeo-Discuss] Patent litigation for store location mapping

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Feb 24 11:54:10 PST 2011

It seems that a new wave of web mapping patent lawsuits was started a 
few months ago, this time around the concept of "store location 
mapping"... more about this here:


While the claims described in the patent don't seem to match 
current/modern techniques used for store location mapping, there are 
apparently ~300 companies who have to defend themselves against it, so 
any information you might have, or examples of prior art could be useful 
to them.

A little while ago, we had started a Wiki page to compile information 
about another Web Mapping Patent, and I just reorganized it to handle 
this new one, a.k.a the "474" patent:


If anyone has useful information to help fight potential lawsuits 
against this patent, or examples of prior art, then please send it 
along, or add it directly to the wiki page above.

Daniel Morissette

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