[OSGeo-Discuss] Are there proposed ways to raise funds for OSGeo projects?

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon Jun 6 03:11:43 PDT 2011

Il 06/06/2011 11:28, Duarte Carreira ha scritto:
> I like the page for PostGIS Raster coordinating the roadmap and funding/dev.time [1].
> Regarding a tool/site, I haven’t seen one that would personally inspire me to donate,
> or help me convince my company to donate. They feel disconnected from the project
> itself, and honestly they give this image of impersonal, bank-ish approach. Also, the
> money raised seems to indicate poor success rates.
> I feel that for a project, in my particular case, the easiest way to have a positive
> funding decision in the company I work for would be:
> 1)      Receive a letter from OSGeo/Project campaign to raise funds, stating a few
> facts of life in FOSS development, and pointing out the benefits of the model to all
> users/community, ending with an emphasis on community efforts where everyone has its
> role (users/companies and developers/project stewards/osgeo). To make things even
> easier to “stakeholders” present a few “common” donation values… (you know, like a
> checkbox list ;)
> 2)      Allow for optionally directing donated funds to available roadmap features or
> existing bugs (not sure how this would work out in several scenarios, like when
> minimum funding is never reached…)
> 3)      Have a project page where we can see how funding is working, progress is
> made, who is donating, etc. (similar to [1]), but this is a plus, and not really a
> requirement. But it would be nice to be informed of any progress done to the selected
> features/bugs when/if it happened

OK, sounds reasonable. One problem is: how do we collect the addresses? We do not
want to spam around. Also, please consider that in the past we have sent letters to
all companies listed in the support page, and we received very few responses (none of
them positive).
So, it's a difficult path after all.
For now, the only very successful approach has been for more mature institutions to
hire directly one developer or a company (this is how much of the work on QGIS is
funded anyway).
Our bug squashing initiative[0] has met a reasonable success, and IMHO we should
build on that.
Suggestions welcome.
Paolo Cavallini: http://www.faunalia.it/pc


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