[OSGeo-Discuss] Training and certification

Mauricio Miranda mmiranda at xoomcode.com
Thu Jun 9 13:29:45 PDT 2011

On Jun 9, 2011, at 16:38 PM, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> "Set up a professional training and certification program".  
> Yes, it was a question short on details, but it was chosen a full 15% above all other items. Now's the time to figure out what we all meant ;-)

What about the model that the gvSIG association is using for training [1] and certifications [2]?

I think they are doing a good work on that and we can follow the idea.

[1] http://www.gvsig.com/services/gvsig-certification/gvsig-training?set_language=en
[2] http://www.gvsig.com/services/certification

Mauricio Miranda
Chief Development Officer

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