[OSGeo-Discuss] Help building a tile cache from a large dataset of orthophotos

Connors, Bernie (SNB) Bernie.Connors at snb.ca
Fri Jun 10 05:34:24 PDT 2011

We have a data set of orthophotos.  The specs are:

·         51,971 images, (1.92 Terabytes total)

·         30 cm GSD

·         Cut in 2km x 2km grid

·         No overlap between images

We are an ESRI shop and we are using version 9.31 on the desktop and the server.  We do not have the ESRI Image server extension.  To build a tile cache from the orthophotos we need to store the orthophoto data in an ESRI Raster data set.  This is proving to be very slow and problematic.  We have done this successfully in the past but with an older and smaller dataset (2000 images, 200 GB, 1 m GSD).

Can somebody suggest an open source tool that can produce a tile cache that can be consumed by ArcGIS server 9.3.1?

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