[OSGeo-Discuss] Certification only; stay out of training :-)

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sun Jun 12 07:23:32 PDT 2011

Il 12/06/2011 15:31, Jody Garnett ha scritto:
> What I cannot figure out is where the profit is; or how to pay for people's
> involvement.

A crucial point, I guess.

> Pricing the tests would probably be within market norms; and I would expect a much
> cheaper retry cost (possibly just covering marking time) if we manage to make the
> marking process brutal enough to be useful to potential employers.

The best example I know of it this:
I'd avoid reinventing the wheel, and would follow a well trodden path.

> One thing we have a chance to do well here is stress the soft "open source" skills
> that a potential employee must have in order to be sucessful.


> Finally you have the annoyance for companies that are already established in this
> space of having the possibility of competing with new groups that have picked up
> their certifications and appear better "on paper". I cannot honestly have much
> sympathy here, competition is as competition does

Agreed. What we want, at osgeo level, it to have fair competition, and to favour
those who invest back in OS development rather than parasites (we have already many
of them around, we do not need to help them).
All the best.
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