[OSGeo-Discuss] Any projects dealing with spatial joins?

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            I'm pretty sure that the QGIS project could use your talents as a C++ developer. They have been talking about table joins for awhile now.

Did you know that there is an OSGEO .Net user group now?


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I'm looking for a project that I could contribute to as a C# (maybe Java) developer.

In particular, I'm looking for something that focuses on ways to perform flexible spatial joins with some degree of efficiency. The simplest case I'm thinking of is where someone picks 2 or more database tables (associated with location), and asks to see a combined table. No maps involved, just tables (with the overlapping ground area thrown in if we're dealing with a polygon/polygon overlay).

A more complex case would be a situation where someone wants to  isolate an area based on the attributes in database tables, but doesn't have any advance idea of where to start looking. For example, I'm looking for a combination of A+B+C that covers at least 1000 hectares, but I'm starting with a database that covers the whole world. So to obtain some measure of efficiency, it would presumably be nice to have access to related
generalizations of the location data.

Is anyone working on this sort of thing?


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