[OSGeo-Discuss] Any projects dealing with spatial joins?

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 18:47:34 PDT 2011

As you can see new developers is exactly what projects need to keep healthy.

The join proposal is here:
- http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GEOTOOLS/Join+Support

Your feedback would be welcome.\


On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 8:39 AM, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com>wrote:

>  We have just been looking at a proposal for a Join interface (an
> extension to our Query) interface in GeoTools. If you would like to drop by
> geotools-devel you will find this to be a topical subject.
> The functionality of a join is part of the Web Feature Server 2.0
> specification so you should find a lot of projects running into it as a
> concept over the next year.
> --
> Jody Garnett
> On Thursday, 30 June 2011 at 8:25 AM, Steve Stanton wrote:
> I'm looking for a project that I could contribute to as a C# (maybe Java)
> developer.
> In particular, I'm looking for something that focuses on ways to perform
> flexible spatial joins with some degree of efficiency. The simplest case
> I'm thinking of is where someone picks 2 or more database tables
> (associated with location), and asks to see a combined table. No maps
> involved, just tables (with the overlapping ground area thrown in if we're
> dealing with a polygon/polygon overlay).
> A more complex case would be a situation where someone wants to  isolate an
> area based on the attributes in database tables, but doesn't have any
> advance idea of where to start looking. For example, I'm looking for a
> combination of A+B+C that covers at least 1000 hectares, but I'm starting
> with a database that covers the whole world. So to obtain some measure of
> efficiency, it would presumably be nice to have access to related
> generalizations of the location data.
> Is anyone working on this sort of thing?
> Steve
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