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Robert Hollingsworth reh2 at prodigy.net
Thu Mar 3 08:54:27 PST 2011

I'm giving a presentation at the GITA conference in 
Grapevine TX in April, as part of the OSGEO track 
there.  (Audience: electric/gas/water utilities, 
telecommunications, etc.)

Subject of the talk: highlights of management of a 
project as open-source, especially where that differs 
from software development in the single-company, 
closed-source model.

Although the audience is likely to be mostly consisting 
of non-software developers, I'll be calling on these very 
people to team up with each other and with in-house 
and/or consulting software engineers -- across company 
lines -- to launch, build, and maintain open-source 
apps that address needs in their respective subject 

I've got a fair amount of research to do to compile this 
information -- what apps and file structures comprise a 
viable project server, presenting all that through the 
project web site, etc.   

It has occurred to me that it would be useful to create 
an "Open-Source Project Starter Kit," a file structure 
consisting of the means to create and maintain a 
project, with none of the actual content.  It's skeleton 
website definition would simply point at the 
unpopulated management components.

A quick google suggests there are tools out there 
addressing some of this.  And there's Sourceforge, of 

But if OSGEO were to create such a kit, it could be 
constructed so that the resulting projects match many of 
the criteria for qualifying as OSGEO member projects 

Any ideas out there on the feasibility of something like 
this, how to construct, etc.?  I know a starter kit such as 
this would be most attractive to the GITA audience I'll 
be speaking to if it as close as possible to being a 
one-button operation.

Robert H.
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