[OSGeo-Discuss] Metadata Server applications?

Ken ken at rockies.ca
Fri Mar 4 07:43:41 PST 2011

I am looking to see if there any new open source metadata server 
applications. I have looked into GeoNetwork, is there anything else?

I currently use ISITE2 which is a great product, supported by a great 
individual. Is there anything new out there I can replace it with?

What I need:
- index all the xml files in selected folders/drives on our network 
either by crawling, or by a provided list

- ability to search one or more specific tags for keywords from a web 
application built with PHP or Python, also be able to share access to 
our catalog by other websites/applications.

- response from search to provide basic details and ability to target 
specific file for opening in full.

- needs to run on a windows server with IIS webserver

We have our own web mapping applications, webserver already setup, 
metadata editors, etc. I just need the metadata server portion.



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