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Thanks for your response. I thought it might be a challenge, but had to ask. 


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Hi Tony, 

Very unlikely. Statistics Canada releases some data for free, but not 
data from the Census of Population. Moreover, a postal code is typically 
at a finer level (often for one side of a street in a single block) than 
a Designation Area (the lowest level for which they report data). They 
do produce data at the FSA (forward sortation area) level, which are the 
first three characters of a Canadian postal code. As a result, you could 
get this data, but most likely not for free. 


On 03/14/2011 11:32 AM, kehlhofer at comcast.net wrote: 
> Speaking of Canadaan data, I am in need of income data by postal code. 
> Is there any free WMS server where this is stored? 
> Thanks 
> Tony 
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> Hi all, 
> I just wanted to let you know that the CommonMap initiative is still 
> alive, as am I. 
> To recap, CommonMap will be a collaboration and repository of 
> liberally-licensed geodata (without share-alike) - accessible though 
> an OpenStreetMap-style interface. We will accept Creative Commons 
> Attribution, CC0 and public domain geodata contributions, depending on 
> your jurisdiction. We expect it will find fresh acceptance in the 
> "Gov 2.0" movement, since it allows governments to redistribute 
> contributions from the community. We also are quite happy to accept 
> OpenStreetMap contributors who find themselves dissatisfied with its 
> default licence. 
> We want to focus on a particular country at first, which is Canada. Why? 
> * It has quite a comprehensive open data catalogue; 
> * It appears to have a compatible licence; 
> * It also has a rigorous "foreign key" model, which bodes well 
> for roundtripping back to government; 
> * It's the home of Refractions Research, the custodian of PostGIS 
> which is a good friend of mine; 
> * Finally, it helps that Sam Vekemans is our enthusiastic man on 
> the ground over there. 
> We want to get as much of Natural Resources Canada's GeoBase and 
> Canvec publications into the CommonMap database as we can, and use 
> Canada as a showcase country for what CommonMap can uniquely do. 
> The "proof of concept" API instance is currently at 
> http://api.development.i386.commonmap.org/ 
> It is hosting an overlay of: 
> * Natural Earth Data; 
> * Some sample Geobase National Road Network, National Hydro 
> Network and Land Cover datasets. 
> (Hint: look up Victoria, British Columbia[1] for an example of all 3 
> datasets together.) 
> Next comes the challenge of ramping up to a public launch. The core 
> of CommonMap is a web-facing API and its "one true" database, a 
> download site for XML full copies of that database, and a map tile 
> server with its optimised database. To run this at public scale will 
> demand about 8-10 CPU cores and associated storage, or about US 
> $10,000 per year. 
> Let's face it, we will require a higher rate of donations to do this. 
> If you believe in the idea of CommonMap, a good way to show your 
> support is to donate to CommonMap Inc. (CommonMap Inc is the non 
> profit body that operates the CommonMap internet resources.) 
> Potential donors, please head this way: 
> http://www.commonmap.org/page/donate 
> Even if you can't spare the cash, perhaps you can spare your skills or 
> tools, whether they be in geodesy, obtaining or converting geodata 
> imports, running up database or tile servers, or developing 
> applications? Let us know. 
> Please feel free to forward this news to whoever you wish. 
> I welcome all comments: You can make further enquires by return email, 
> the commonmap.org website, or "CommonMap" at LinkedIn, Facebook or 
> Twitter. Sam Vekemans also has a group blog for CommonMap set up at 
> Posterous. 
> Thanks, 
> Brendan 
> [1] 
> http://api.development.i386.commonmap.org/?lat=48.821&lon=-123.574&zoom=9&layers=B0000FTF 
> -- 
> Brendan Morley 
> President, CommonMap Inc. 
> morb_au at commonmap.info 
> http://commonmap.org/ 
> Queensland Incorporated Association 37762 
> Also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 
> -- 
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