[OSGeo-Discuss] Job offer (PhD position)

Martin Weis martin.weis.newsadress at gmx.de
Fri Mar 18 13:07:34 PDT 2011

Dear OSGeo Discussion members!

I read about the concerns of job offers on this list, but since some
agreed to such posts: There is a job offer of our Institute with the topic:

Development of spatial data infrastructure components for precision
farming applications (Doctoral degree)

For details please look here (english version below german version):
> https://www.uni-hohenheim.de/1661.html?&L=0&tx_cljoboffers_pi1[showUid][showUID]=1872&tx_cljoboffers_pi1[showUid][backPID]=1640&cHash=e8796defa5e7ac5954c37048bffa7c97

or in the general job list of the University:

Forwarding this to interested persons is appreciated.

Yours sincerly,
Martin Weis
Web: http://sengis.uni-hohenheim.de/

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