[OSGeo-Discuss] Finding position based on horizon profile?

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Mon Mar 28 18:57:00 PDT 2011

On 2011/03/28 1:48 PM, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> Consider the following hypothetical problem:
> Assume we have a good elevation data set for a large region of the earth --
> say, an entire mountain range.  Now let's say we have a photograph taken
> from the ground, the horizon of which shows the profile of a couple of the
> mountains in that range.  Can you tell me where the photograph was taken
> from?

Something I've been interested in is sort of the
reverse problem - knowing where a photograph was
taken(e.g. you have a GPS waypoint), and maybe
even a bearing (e.g. from a compass), can you
tell me what mountains are in the photograph?

Because of the potential viewscape, having good
elevation data for "an entire mountain range"
may not be sufficient. For example:
That was taken On the Pinecone Lake Trail, near
Squamish, B.C., Canada. The view looks past Hopefull
Meadows over the Boise Valley, with Mount Baker
(Washington State, USA) in the distance.

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