[OSGeo-Discuss] Best software for making TMS tiles

Peter webwiz at pl.net
Mon Mar 28 21:41:32 PDT 2011

I havent been able to figure out how to turn a QGIS map into tiles. The reason i want to do this is because our hardware isnt capable fo running a wms (low ram, hdd), but with a bit of hodge and podge we can host the TMS tiles using S3.

The only options ive been able to find so far are:

qgis, mapserver export to mapfile
qgis, quantamnik, mapnik.

Both involve setting up variations of WMS which seems overkill to me. With mapserver how would i tell it to just do the render and forget the whole wms thing. With mapnik, that should work but the version in Debian Lenny is really old, and im not sure if it will work at all.

The thing is Qgis has a lot of raster rendering tools, like save as image, which saves the screen area and includes a world file but doesnt allow you to set the resolution, print composer which does allow you to set the resolution, but doesnt save a world file and includes borders and stuff, and doesnt save a world file.

I feel the function im looking for is there but hiding? Save map as geotiff... Then i can use gdal2tiles to make the pyramid. Actually it might be a rather large geotiff, maybe a direct to tiles approach is better.


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