[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Member Nomination: Xianfeng Song

Gérald Fenoy gerald.fenoy at geolabs.fr
Tue Nov 8 10:04:39 PST 2011

Dear comrades,
I'm pleased to nominate Xianfeng Song for his implication in many ways into OSGeo
that you know but I will briefly remind here.

First, he invest many time and efforts in spreading knowledge and promoting OSGeo 
in the lessons he give at the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 
in conferences he attend. He join many FOSS4G conferences where he can present his 
advanced work and research projects he made using the OSGeo Technologies. He 
know well OSGeo and he is nice to speak with by always sharing many ideas about 
OSGeo. He is sharing knowledge by handling many collaboration research involving 
OSGeo Projects. He is a former member of the very active OSGeo China Local Chapter. 
He organize many workshops and conferences in China where he always invite 
OSGeo people from all over the world to join and present OSGeo and its Technologies. 
The next one in which he will be involved is the FOSS4G 2012 which will be held in 

You should consider his election as an OSGeo Charter Member.

Best regards,

Gérald Fenoy
gerald.fenoy at geolabs.fr

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